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M.T.F. initials of gal who framed me,
pilfered from the store-till quite outrageously.
Was not smart but cunning evil little troll
who thought Blame the New Guy would be game quite droll.

Stranger in a strange land, new guy on the job,
shoulder to the grindstone, show boss I’m no squab.
Walk the straight and narrow, do as I am told,
little did I realize my rep M.F. stole.

A trout rather fishy, a fish that was foul,
is an apt description of thief on the prowl.
She would benignly smile as stabbed in the back,
she had short man’s syndrome, and that is a fact.

Petulant when challenged, stupid all the time,
guess you get the picture was no friend of mine;
don’t think she attacked me due to animus,
was convenient target for the bitch to bust.

There was just one problem with her evil plan,
I’d no need to rob store as I’m well heeled man.
M.T.F. biweekly would snag some Jacksons
she’d run low on money ‘fore two weeks were done.

Not a word was spoken to me of the theft
till one day I’m called in to hear of the mess.
Old man Bill, store owner, with his bonhomie,
explained the thefts’ details punctiliously.

“Got a little problem with which you’re involved;
hope that we can solve it without Johnny Law.
‘Fraid that since you started, cadence of clockwork,
money has been missing, fact made you besmirched.

“Now hold on a minute, don’t get all upset,
through investigation no longer suspect.
Rearranged your schedule just so we could see
if cash’d still go missing or end robbery.”

Old Bill he did detail all pertinent facts,
told me he’d been irate that theft was his thanks.
His thanks for hiring me right off the street
but then came to question clues left at his feet.

“Money still went missing though you were not here;
damning fact for M.F. put you in the clear.
Your reputations sound, and you do good work.
Certain now that M.F. is our thieving jerk.”

Stunned rather than angry, least initially,
learned valu’ble lesson when accused falsely.
Due Process is the due due to everyone,
guilt by accusation knee-jerk need to shun.

Believing accusers without fact-finding
is a perfect tool for truth undermining.
Not all situations are as they appear
all that I’m suggesting judge once facts are clear.