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Who taught us to hate
and  how did it seem
that this was a part
American Dream?
Do unto others
as though they don’t count?
Call them subhuman
and of no account?

Melting Pot Nation
is fracturing fast:
Frightened by future?
Create a false past?
Lock stepping culture
was called the Third Reich!
Pogroms and purging?
Gestapo at night?

Look at your neighbor
and open arms wide,
we’re a single race
don’t let them divide
us by the color
of epidermis;
we all are brethren,
entitled justice.

Say no to hatred,
cannot let it win,
call out our leaders
who drive us toward sin.
Sins of omission,
that we all commit
when we are silent
confronted by it.

Don’t need more screaming
but must stand our ground
with hearts open wide
and love most profound.
Who taught us to hate
and  how did it seem
that this was a part
American Dream?

Know what’s funny? One of the reasons I became a republican is because democrats were the party of hate. I started paying attention to the news fifty years ago when D’s were the segregationists, and when I turned 18 in 1979 I lived in Maryland, a state with closed primaries. One had to be a republican to vote in the R primary or a democrat to vote in the D.

My barely twenty-year-old brain observed R’s enjoying political success during the Reagan years while D’s floundered like a fish out of water gasping for air, for direction, for something! D’s desperation shone through with their new-found inclusiveness. Democrats “suddenly” became inclusive as evidenced by Jesse Jackson (the keynote speaker at my oldest brother’s 1974 Sherwood High commencement) and his National Rainbow Coalition.

The democrat’s justice movement smelled awfully fishy to lil-ole, white-suburban me. The equation was simple: Republicans equaled jobs, democrats equaled restrictions on personal freedom, a reliance on government and policies that dissuaded work. (Just keep reading. This was my perception four-freaking decades-ago!)

Democrats still have numerous fiscal policies and anti-freemarket concepts that blow my mind, but they have become the champions of liberty and justice for all. (Except the pre-born. Had to go there.)

Republicans now champion the rich and with Trumps’ ascendancy and R’s descent into hate-filled demonetization of those who are not lil-ole, white-suburban or urban-uber wealthy I have come to reject the Republican Party as a party of hate and greed, not one of inclusion with power to lead. R’s “Make America Great Again” is isolationist, racist, sexist, anti-First Amendment, nostalgic fantasy for white Americans who fear the future and revere a past that never was.

Today, the Republican party equals hate. Today, Republicans are sycophants for a psychopath. America deserves better than Donald Trump and his hate filled America.

Trump didn’t teach us to hate, he just made hate fashionable.