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I’ve been given more than most, freedom rings here coast to coast. In this land of liberty I’ve been blessed with life that’s free.

Free of care and free of want is mostly life I have got. Starving masses we have not; still we yearn to reallot.

Change the status of our quo, reshape the world others sow, reap rewards from the labors, toil and strife of our neighbors.

If I want then I should have lovely life that’s never sad; a life filled with luxury that’s simply laid at my feet.

Since the time we’ve walked the Earth we’ve had to scratch increase worth; just three kinds of people here, the first type are makers dear, second type is fakers clear but the group that’s on the rise is takers that now comprise an ever expanding crowd who it seems work disavow.

Speak of rights that others owe, quite content be on the dole.

Just because we want a thing does not mean world’s providing us with all our wants and needs: Steal fruit others laboring.

Universal is the cry, for health care all should provide! While we’re at it bell the cat! Problem’s much deeper than that. Infinite is our health needs, supply side we’ll be stealing? I’m not heartless, but let’s talk how we’ll ever hit this mark.

Living wage is well and good, just so long as understood Market Price is not fiction; unemployment is destined: Labor costs are overruns.

Free housing! How bout free food?

I hate to speak in terms so lewd but we reap what we do sow: Fear we’re headed for trouble.