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The world is not benign nor is it malicious
world just does unto me regardless of wishes.
The twice four billion souls who populate this sphere
they ain’t out to get me rather they’re cavalier.

Don’t care ’bout my problems, got plenty of their own
and though may wish me well got noses to grindstone.
Caring’s continuum from far left to far right
for most far too often they got their own damn fights.

Injustice that surrounds is just a stone in shoe
it’s our own stumbling blocks that on our souls accrue.
Accrue with greater weight with every step we take
immobilizing us: Slings and arrows of fate.

Microbiology with Brownian motion
is a perfect picture of human condition.
Pushed in all directions by fellow vitreous
though we’ve common purpose, just act in absurdness.

Each of us is timid, yeah each of us is scared,
tell your story walking if think from fear’ve been tared.
Burly bodybuilders, to those on a high wire,
though calm under fire beneath false fronts all perspire.

“Fear is the mind-killer,” say Bene Gesserits
yet it’s in fear we walk, there’s no denying it.
Look at how we cower and hide behind our masks;
we’re so busy trembling can’t put our hands to task.

Everything that’s needed the good Earth does provide;
we’re too busy warring and resting on false pride.
The world may be neutral, she may not care at all,
power to transform her is at our beck-and-call.

Still, we go on hiding and stealing from siblings,
rule by domination, though hatred breeds and brings.
It’s not that we’re evil, though we’re selfish species;
if we work together can create verity.