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Children sometimes feel cheated when their birthdays fall on December twenty-fifth because too often their birthday celebrations get superseded and overwhelmed by Christmas festivities. Here are three short poems for three un-wise friends whose birthdays all fall on Christmas Day.
Happy birthday to them and Merry Christmas to all!
Lance Maynard
Christmas we have heard on high
sounding in our ears today
and the angels sweet reprise
“Lance was born upon this day!”
Gloria they may not sing
but to Lance the gift of life
we commemorate this day
he, too is a child of light.
Nathan L. Shepherd
As He lay with the shepherds,
born in manger meek and mild
no way Sherry could’ve guessed
future path of her new child. 
Knew only joy December
child produced from earthy love
misty eyed, held the hand of
child’s father, husband Doug.
Every year come the solstice,
winter north and summer south,
all over world rejoices
for baby who did come forth.
Knows her son is not Jesus,
knows they love man he’s become,
and just as God the Father
rejoice in gift of their son.
Chris Steinberg
Two-thousand meters, Steamboat Springs,
skiing down mountains, joy it brings!
Today’s your birthday, whole world rejoice!
Don’t break an ankle on those slopes!
Christmas and birthday, for you are one
same circumstance as Yahweh’s son.
Noel or nasci, you were born
all over globe folks love Christmas morn.
Up on a rooftop may not be
Safest place for you to be
Year nineteen-hundred-sixty-four
is the date that you were born
Twenty-fifth of December, your birthday
Pray your year’s special in all good ways.
Today’s your birthday, whole world rejoice!
Don’t break an ankle on those ski slopes!