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Thirty-seven seconds, not one minute of your time, is all I’m allotted to present a thing sublime. No time to read a treatise, no time for in depth thought! The world today is run on memes, good God what we have wrought! 

Entertainment’s so much easier than enlightenment that frees, but easy’s not the healthiest of things for Man to be. Can we up our 37 to seventy-four? That’s just a minute and a quarter, in fact one second less, not more. 

You’re needing moving pictures to keep your brain engaged? And seeing lot’s of paragraphs’s no way to set a stage? Give us bread and circuses, give us red raw meat! Give us what we want not need or we’ll take to the streets. 

I’m just a failing relic from the last century but only thing I’m hawking is an emphatic plea. Violence and hatred are fanned by ugly memes and goal of spreading hatred seems destined to succeed. Tsunami of hatred is wave after wave but hating on our fellows is no way to behave. 

Stop and get some information, at least do Google search! Maybe take 37 fore acting all berserk.