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A time for play redeems, refreshes and renews,
when it comes to playmates no finer mate than you.
Each day sure as sun rise my heart goes out to thee,
both in great reverence and in ways childishly.

For ever are you young, and ever do I find
that when my soul is down it’s you who ease my mind.
A smile brought to your lips, a twinkle in your eyes,
worth more than weight in gold your laughter’s greatest prize.

Some lovers sail the sea, while others mountains cross
if I don’t earn sonreír I fear my day is lost.
Burdens we all must face as we go through our years
upon almas weigh less if faced with smiles not tears.

Dreadful can be the loss accumulates o’er time,
but hardships we two share are eased hands intertwined.
Hands intertwined like hearts that share a rhythmic beat,
forever share in dance it’s you who me completes.

Play with me on this day as we share stage of life,
we’re blessed to pass through years as husband and as wife.
I know t’was I who won when we two said. “I do,”
for you earned only me while I gained wondrous you.

So to our great playground let us retire away
and sleep with me awhile, until dawn of new day.
For any day with you far sweeter than without,
and as we two goodnight bring sweet lips mouth to mouth.

Image may contain: Keith Kenel, beard and closeup