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Passion, power, beauty,
innocence, lechery
forces intertwining
whose Measure we shall see.
Justice without mercy,
actions sans consequence,
yoke of patriarchy
pulls on fair sex’s necks.

Energized and focused
as we sail to love touch
every sense ignited,
all of you’s not enough.
From high crown to base soles,
spare not inch in between
with figure hourglass,
hugging curves, torrid scene.

Luscious coves twixt valleys
that beckon, “Please explore!”
brightest day or nighttime
forever I’ll want more.
Sight of the high mountains
my lips long so to touch,
trippingly tongue travels
to coulee loved so much.

Great passion, not fury,
as pulse beat does red-line
I must slow my engines
as ease in slip divine.
Narrow is the channel
and it’s walls do encroach
takes master of river
to govern engine’s strokes.

Many times have miscued,
many times tripped my tongue,
but tonight’s traversed trip
as a troupe we have won.
We have gone the distance,
we have sailed swimmingly,
ever am I grateful
when we two sail love’s sea.

Many are the channels
that we shall dive into
myriad companions
lovingly journey too.
To sunset we set sail,
each evening sky resets
and as we waves do cruise
each new day play begets.

Let us play wet ocean,
let us play on dry land,
let us play forever,
forever merry band.
For there is no feeling
that comes close to stage boards
as a troupe we travel
to places so adored.

“Parting is sweet sorrow,”
Romeo, Juliet
we shall take our Measure
long as the stage is set.
Bacchus, Dionysus,
whether Greek or Roman
to gods we pay homage
as bow when play is done.

Image may contain: Keith Kenel, beard and closeup