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Self immolation, the strike of a match,
illumination, your life you’ve dispatched.
From dust you were born, to ash you’ve returned,
your life extinguished, no more your soul burns.
The soul searing flame that inside you raged
you could not conquer and failed to assuage.
The darkness won out, the cancer within,
so on altar black released your toxins.

 Quarter century, so short a lifespan,
in our hearts a boy, pain of an old man.
Darkness at noontime, and blackness at night
did you think the flames would show us the light?
Was it a beacon, a pillar of light,
you hoped to create when ended your life?
All around sorrow, a pain that’s bone deep,
Poe’s, “Nevermore,” chant in our ears repeats.

 Ever gone smiles, sunshine nevermore,
gray that you battled we’ll feel ever more.
We search for message among your charred bones:
Slight scent from your ash elicits our moans.
Son of another you fill me with tears
impotently weep for all your lost years.
Can’t drown flame with tears, can’t bring you back, son.
Pray no more follow path you have chosen.

 For candle you lit when you struck your match
I fear will catch fire and others dispatch.
There’s pain all around and in youngsters’ deaths
a million fold’s pain for we, the bereft.
Rail against darkness and search out the light
go not by own hand into that dark night.
Myopic vision, world’s blurred through your tears!
Self immolation- hearts forever seared.