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Flower in full bloom, rose with scent piquant
whose buds lift skyward, beauty’s adherent.
Bloom miniature catches nose and eye
superficial look elicits love’s sigh.

Ornamental bud full of grace lovely
wondrous are your shoots ‘hind walls of abbey.
Sunshine, water, peat furnished bloom and grow
all can see your grace but few power know.

Power you posses, strength neath petals soft
woe unto the fool who ‘gainst you does cross.
White may be pure love, yellow dear friendship,
orange screams energy, red, thorn’s nicked your lip.

Pricked by thorn of man who thought you’d posses
little does fool know you’ve strength in excess.
Tiny spark from start that soon bursts to flame
“Hosanna on high!” Heaven above proclaims.

Content in resolve to live life cloistered
bloom to firebrand with justice consumed.
“Nay!” shout you aloud, at world that insists
you shall be consumed in maw of tyrant.

Wilting ornament thou shalt never be,
as you upward grow lift all heavenly!
Virgin sanctified, little does he know,
he longs to posses, stand ‘gainst Angelo!

Resolve and torment, gather inner strength,
armor Joan of Arc, measure width and length!
Size diminutive hides a lion’s heart
by injustice moved, you parry blackheart.

Pain first fosters doubt, unjust flames anger,
your resolves revealed; you’ve bite of adder.
Savior you did seek, seek and ye did find,
savior of your soul in you all the time.

Tsunami you face from seat of your skiff
terror in your eyes till you do let rip.
Rail against demon assumed human form
you will not submit nor justice suborn.

Flames lap all around, here witches they burn,
you will not be stopped, deep praise you do earn.
Hark, but what is this? Who to you does call?
A soul in distress you protect from squall.

Mercy in the face of your raging storm
battle you have fought, how your heart was torn.
Isabella stands as name does profess,
tender mercy begged for one did transgress.

Oh, great daughter Eve, you’ve an inner light
shines for all to see; you bring dawn to night.
As your supplicant I fall to my knees
daughter of bright flame spirit shines in deeds.

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