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The Dogs of War they do delight
as havoc bring with darkest night.
They gnaw on bones that writhe in pain
as still attached to human beings.

The fear they spread does half the job
as they delight in incensed mobs,
its very smell, their true incense,
is smell of fear, widespread, intense.

Widespread panic Dogs do release
when comes to fear Dogs are high-priests.
Pontificate and sermonize
they stoke hate’s fires with unctuous lies.

Ingratiate to audience
as violence they lend credence.
The Dogs they swear tis self-defense
to pummel first with force immense.

Strike the adder before it grows,
others evil they presuppose.
The Dogs they twist with rhetoric
a truth to lie, a game most slick.

With chant, “Sieg Heil!” Hail victory!
Riot incite citizenry.
For it is you as well as I
War Dogs entice with age old lies.

Dogs lie for gain, Dogs lie for fun,
Dogs’ entertained when heed klaxon.
The klaxon horn they sound with lips
a call to arms, as tout kinship.

For warring camps, us against them,
is War Dogs’ game infinitum.
Forever war and never peace
is War Dogs’ gain, they’ve no caprice.

No change in mood, no change in heart,
they’ve only hate till end from start.
They pray hot flames to engulf all;
with evil deeds they do enthrall.

Feed not War Dogs, reject their lies
and with their ilk don’t compromise.
The bitch, the cur, whose greatest joy
is havoc bred in girls and boys.

The boys and girls, sweet innocents,
have flames devour and souls cremate.
Fight fire with fire? Oh War Dog, no.
Baptismal font is our proviso.

Dogs’ ugly flames extinguish we
not with more hate but lovingly.
Water of life for all to Grok
for all siblings upon Earth walk.

So, Dogs begone! Not wanted here.
For when you bark refuse to hear
that diff’ring creeds, or love or skin
are anything but closest kin.

Frothy fury from furry beasts,
your yelping sounds and gnashing teeth,
may we reject and hear no more;
it’s time for love to take the floor.