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Grieve you for zygote? Say you, “Spark of life”?
Think your thoughts on souls should mother a wife?
Wish you to control via force of law
reproductive rights? Heavens! Such chutzpah!

Legislate us not with your Bible verse,
tissue sloughed away is no call for hearse.
Tiniest of seeds you may wish to grow,
others not inclined, how dare you say no?

Gamete to zygote, zygote blastula?
You may call sacred, declare, “Bismillah!”
Country secular is the USA,
Constitution read, First Amendment nays.

Deep patriarchy in your Bible verse
you’ve right to comply, argue, not coerce.
Determination of a human right
not hocus-poke us, theocratic blight.

Persuade all you may others to comply
against birth control; you say babies die.
Conception moment as a point of law?
You are doomed from start as your logic’s flawed.

Granting Right To Life to a hollow sphere?
If that pleases you then to that adhere.
But imprisonment? Charges of murder?
Your superstition others rights do blur.

Extreme point of view is abortion ban
but from the far left comes words of madman.
Up to day of birth some wish to allow
taking of a life wholly human now?

Forty weeks have passed since zygote conceived
shudder at the thought death is not believed?
Death to innocent child in a womb?
They’ve no rights at all? Good Lord, we are doomed.

Every single Right flows from Right To Life,
what society allows evil rife?
Along gestation gone from cells to babe,
there must be a line that we hold as grave.

A line that allows for autonomy
reproductive choice also guarantees
child in a womb, that is fully formed,
deserves right to live, has right to be born.

It’s not all or none, not winner take all;
all I’m asking for’s moral wherewithal.
Wherewithal to stand and to calmly say
must find common ground, no more babies slay.

Self autonomy, control of our lives
is a basic right, also a disguise.
Disguises the need all need protection;
late term abortions? Abomination.