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Middle of month, Valentine’s Day
roses and hearts under love’s sway.
Poems that toast romance with wine
chocolate and cards, love earthy kind.

Two-thousand years Val’s been icon
long ago saint, two-sixty-nine.
My Valentine at nineteen met
she’ll ever own love and respect.

Thirty-nine years with great goddess
Heavens above! How I’ve been blessed.
Blessed with woman stands straight and tall
she only stoops when I do fall.

Then from dais she does descend
to lend a hand so I may stand.
Stand on my own, her by my side,
little I knew strength of my bride.

Married a girl who over time,
through four decades fills me with pride.
Pride in her strength, pride by her loved
ever my heart, Romeo’s glove.

Ethereal, royal beauty,
goddess of flesh, wondrous to see.
To see, to touch, to taste, to feel,
blessed by senses her do reveal.

Alpha and end, omnes meus
heart of my heart, love till time ends.
Single lifetime, fleeting and short,
not near enough with her cavort.

Stars in the sky, moon up above,
sure as the sun is our sweet love.
Thirty-ninth year been Valentines,
thirty-nine more pray by her side.

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