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Some like shellfish, some do not,
some swear if you eat you’ll rot,
rot away far from God’s light:
Know shellfish ain’t Kosher; right?

While shellfish I do eschew
like clam happy if you chew.
If mouth waters for shellfish,
then please eat mollusks delish

Bible book Leviticus
against shellfish does insist.
Shellfish eating to you’s bad?
Then don’t eat, mean, egads!

There are those who would deny
right for us on shellfish dine.
Pontificate point of view
telling others what to do.

Think my poem’s just nonsense?
Exchange one word in poem’s stanz.
Cross out shellfish then please write
phrase same sex, now please recite.

By same sex mean man on man,
or, of course, woman, woman.
Bi or trans, pansexual;
adult sex consensual.

If you like it, that’s just great,
if you don’t please check your hate.
Though shellfish is not for me
don’t live in theocracy.

Who we love and how we mate
not subject to hate’s dictates.
If shellfish gets you upset
then, yes please, just eat fillet.

What we choose to lick and chew
who or what goes inside you
jumbo shrimp or kielbasa
is our choice, all praise Allah.

Smorgasbord at great table
pick and choose, why so anal?
Let them eat cake, Antoinette,
keep your bloody head on neck.

Whether Christian, Muslim, Jew
man devout, secular too
shellfish, same sex appetite
don’t dictate others love rites.

Shellfish, shellfish, found in sea,
please go frolic happily.
Too many with hate filled hearts
can’t see love rainbow imparts.