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     My other foot in other shoe is pinched too tight, Lord what to do? Best intentions I had for all when petition I signed came law. Did not foresee far consequence law did evoke at my expense. Lady Justice holds not just scale, but in right hand sword to impale. Sword Damocles held above head by single strand of horse tail thread came crashing down on we who thought usurpers’ might with law could thwart.

     We welcomed them with open arms to labor hard neath sun on farms. We gave them jobs and bid them stay till work was done, then sent away. That was the deal, they knew upfront, but in their greed grew discontent. They wanted more, they wanted in, to integrate and mate with kin. Their petitions became demands and soon we saw how out of hand these foreigners with foreign ways our land corrupt, so rue the day.

     Obsequious that they once were morphed from good dogs to mangy curs. They demanded that we provide Rights we enjoyed, “Hubris!” we cried. They swarmed in streets, displayed such gall, marched with the goal white priv’lege fall. The dark skinned ones with thick accents who spurn customs; such malcontents. We were here first, His destiny was manifest, it’s plain to see. All that we wished was our values would be revered and continued.

     We DAR and patriots counter protest vile vipers nest. How dare they come into our land, insist on Rights and make demands? Was rioting -know they struck first! -and violence went bad to worse. We had contract! That they’d all signed! With call for Rights show out their minds. So brave white men who late had worn long snow white gowns with hoods adorned did lead the charge in ballot box to show the fools that they’re but pox.

     There was some talk from those on left First Amendment this law did cleft, but we saw through those bleeding hearts and won the day at ballot box. No more protest, no more street march; best listen up, cuz we’re the boss. Do as you’re told and you’ll be fine you think you’re men? We know you’re swine. We did rejoice on web and street till our white clan did us maltreat. This law we chose to control them our Civil Rights did too suspend.

     For Rights for one are Rights for all and protesting is sacred call. May not agree with changing tide but it shall come, nowhere to hide. No ostrich head bury in sand, only constant is hourglass sand. The sands of time, changing landscape, don’t try to halt, there’s no escape. Rather voices must shout aloud both in discord and as applause. Do not silence ugly protest lest Civil Rights for all repressed.