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Alcibiades, whisper soft the name,
Captain brave and strong, ever stoke love’s flames.
Rare Peloponnese, giant among dwarfs,
worthiest of mates both boudoir and war.
Far beyond white hot, plasma’s matter’s state,
with soul of a star, fiery soul mate.
Roman Candle sparks, heat and flame that burns,
all-consuming fire, for you ever yearn.

Words superfluous, language low, soft moans,
lips, fingers and tongue; you my soul do own.
Helen’s rare beauty launched scant thousand ships.
insignificant compared to your kiss.
On point is sharp blade, loosed from its tight sheath,
you staunch not the wound from which deep I bleed.
Eyes’ hard icy stare burn into my soul,
through night’s feints, parries, I submit control.

Reins of State loosened give to me free reign,
none can quench our fire; not Zephyrus’ rains.
Olympian peak from which you descend
must from goddess sprang, you’ve worth without end.
Sparta damnable, great adversary
you drink Spartan blood, pray come dine on me.
Everlasting love I shall share with thee
nothing in this world can take you from me.