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     Feeling rundown, feeling like hell, set out on quest to make me well. Without a doubt knew I must change my poor choices if health’d regain. Feeling quite ill, asked help from doc to overcome the sick I’ve got. Said, “There’s something that’s just not right and I need help this ill to fight.”

     Bulbous doctor he did declare that pharmacy had ample wares, a plethora of mighty tools help me combat and ill to lose. Doc put me through myriad tests, devised a plan with proper steps, he used science to determine what pills to pop make feel human.

     I felt relived by partnership of doctor’s care I had enlist; Praised Holy Ghost, Father and Son o’er my illness I’d soon would won. But then I paused, contemplated, and asked why drugs necess’tated. “Hey, doc,” I said, “got a question. Should not lifestyle be first bastion?”

     Doctor just laughed, said, “Oh my, no! These rainbow pills are way to go. Without a doubt they’ll set you right and make you feel good day and night.” I shook my head, hesitated, looked at my doc over-weighted. I could not help but to wonder how pill pusher my ills could cure.

     Mean, was the goal to make me whole, or was doc’s job just pills to sell? I eat too much, sleep too little, sedentary see by middle, but doc did not devise a plan that would allow great health again. I paused, I shrugged, I took his scripts and rainbow pills slipped through my lips.

     This step towards health not healthy one and through the years to new lows sunk. For pills he sold to address woes other symptoms pills caused to grow. No better off am I today, though for those pills I pay and pay. I wish I might, I wish I may, goal of real health I’ll find someday.

     Modern science, and doctor’s care, not eating less and moving more, are prescriptions for we who’ve shown that though we sigh as bodies groan that easy way, a sugared pill, palatable to fight off ills, while eating right and exercise to losers leave, contrariwise.

     Still feeling down, feeling like hell, wherefore my quest to make me well? The question I still gotta ask is doctors’ job just pills to sell? I hesitate as pay for scripts so rainbow pills may slip through lips. My God, My God, abandoned me? I pray for day medicine’s free.

     For on that day a light will shine in every heart and every mind for when we have unbound health care, universal, all everywhere, Lord, surely then when profits gone then health care woes will be bygone, for it is they and never us we look to right our self-care mess.