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There are those ornamental,
fair of face and fair of form,
creatures both sleek and lovely
whose beauty exceeds the norm.

Pretty, pretty boys and girls
whose mere walk is pirouette
that bring smiles to my face
but whom I quickly forget.

Depth of eight by eleven
less than one in two-eighty
who promenade sans thinking;
looking glass banality.

Then we have true talented
with facets of finest gem:
The strong willed and the loving
worthy of jeweled diadem.

Know they, he, she true value
emanates from deep within
and that a soul of beauty
lies in heart not lovely skin.

Trifling trinketed treasures
may bedazzle and astound
but she with brains and beauty
is great treasure rarely found.

You manifest the virtues!
You soar to Olympic heights!
The perfect blend and balance
fair grace and brainy delight.