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In April my new District Manager came for a store visit and in the course of our conversation he told me I was modest, modest as in humble, and he went on to say that that’s not a quality he sees very often. I don’t know how modest I am, but I do not tend to toot my proverbial personal possessive unicorn appendage much. I am more likely to see my faults before my gifts and when someone pays me a complement I get antsy, wondering what it is they’re gonna hit me up for.

My disinclination toward accepting broad-based praise does not apply to specific praise so when my fellow Four Weddings and an Elvis cast-mate said to me, “You know, I thought I had a really good shot at landing that Bryce Cannon role. At least, that’s what I thought until you read for the part. Then, ‘Boom!’ Just like a cannon shot I knew I was sunk!”

Hyperbole and modesty aside, I know I’m a good oral reader (which is a very small arrow in the quiver of skills that an actor should possess) and I took Robby’s words at face value. I was touched. I really appreciated his heart felt praise.

I was so touched that I mentioned it to my darling, the goddess Patricia, and she asked, “Who was it that told you that?”

“Robby Merritt,” I replied. “John, the Elvis minister? The bad guy in Smiley’s Gambit.” 

“Oh, yeah!” my darling Durga declared nodding vertically. “Oh, no,” she added shaking her head horizontally. “There’s no way. I mean, he can play mean way better than you but when it comes to being feminine? No chance!”

Please note that Durga said “being” feminine, not “acting” feminine.

I was thrilled with my wife’s, my life mate’s, the super-human goddess’ assessment. I don’t just play “feminine,” I am, and I’m damn proud of the label. 

We all need to be comfortable with who we are, to be honest with self and others. We need to be honest because if we’re lucky we’ll find that perfect fit, a companion who knows who we are, loves us, accepts us and rejoices in and with us. I am blessed to have that woman. 

I am blessed to have a mate who gets me, embraces me and supports me, one with whom I can be honest and entrust to her my love, my life and all  my worldly possessions; she is my greatest blessing and  I tell her so every day.

Hey, it’s not every man who gets Triple Sevens at the slot machine of life but this one did. Here’s to finding just the right part and just the right partner. Excuse me while I go swish over to my wife and plant a big one on her luscious lips.