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Far from silent is the S that begins word sibilant
Sibilant are slitherers and to charms few are inured

Snakes that slither, snakes that writhe, Snakes in trust should not abide
Abide not shallow snakes’ smiles, for though snakes charm snakes love lies

For snakes metaphorical still have venom quite lethal
Lethal is as lethal does, lethal is two legged venom

Lies on bellies, lies on sleeves, lied, we’re told, to Mother Eve
Eve of night or break of day, trust not snake sin in any way

Limbless is our writhing S, scaly skin makes coarse caress
Caress gently heart and soul then in cold blood truth behold

Truth that though snake did profess deepest love, not sick conquest
Conquest was reason for charm professed love as did her wrong