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Now, some folk don’t know their place and some folks don’t know their manners. Me? I knows both. I was born in Fuqua so far back that I made our little town’s population hit the thousand mark. Now I know Fuqua sounds like it ought-ta be a word my mama’d wash my mouth out with soap if’n she was still alive to hear me say it, God rest her soul, but it ain’t. Fuqua, just like niggardly and masticate are all perfectly fine Parlor words.

Niggardly’s just French for cheap, stingy, and masticate ain’t got nothing to do with Onanism, you know? Self-pollution? Masturbating? Spilling your seed? No, masticating’s just chewing with our back teeth, our molars. Gnawing on something not whacking on nothing.

Nope, ain’t nothing wrong t’all with masticating, though I’d be careful  using t’other word much. Ya know the ex-pression? “Perception’s reality?” Don’t need no Realtor to tell me that if I go round saying niggardly when I mean cheap or stingy somebody’s likely to get the wrong idea and wanna pop me in the nose. Nope, no sense tying my shoes in a watermelon patch as my pappy used to say. Nuh-uh, it ain’t enough to not only not be up to no good, we own’t wanna look like we’re up-ta no good neither.

Live an let live, love thy neighbor and follow the Golden Rule, that’s what Mama and Pappy used to say to me and it’s what I try to live by. And speaking of neighbors, Raleigh’s Fuqua’s neighbor just a hoot ‘n a holler north-a-here. You know Raleigh? The capital of North Carolina? What’s sure ‘nough the prettiest state in the Union?

Fuqua’s alright. Got started by a French feller named Willy who decided the town’s original Indian, that’s Native American to you snowflakes, of Sippihaw weren’t good enough and named it after hisself. Then, just about the time I started school, same year some them decided to march on Washington for equal rights which is a fine thing ‘cept it  instigated that Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham? ole Fuqua teamed up with Varina, to create Fuqua Varina, but now I’m afraid I wandered off topic. Nope, don’t fret about Varina, just keep your eye on Fuqua, the apex of gentility.

It ain’t like Fuqua or Fuqua Varina’s not a right fine place to live cause it is. A young feller I knowed since way back in the nineteen-eighties moved to Fuqua. Plenty a fine folks in Fuqua. Nother young feller there by the name a Randy who seems like real fine fellow but just like everywhere you go there’s good kind and bad kind in Fuqua. There’s the kind that believe in the Golden Rule, in that live and let live, takes all kinds gentility that my mama and pappy lived and preached and then there’s them that figure because they come from money and can hide behind anonymity, that they can just harass and hound a feller into submission.

You know the kind? Bully-boys who’ve lived lives of privilege since they were tucked away on their mama’s nipple? Silver spoon fed and given a Porsche soon as they turned sixteen? Just like everywhere else, Fuqua’s got that sort too.

And it’s a shame really, when these hhighfalutin, soccer playing, daddy gave em everything they ever needed except decency decide ta harass a fella. Happened to a feller who’s new round these parts. Seems this feller was out riding his bike up Cary way, that’s tween Fuqua and Raleigh, when one a them boys of privilege decided he’d just ignore a stop sign and zip right through it.

Boom! Quicker’n you can say NCAA scholarship this poor feller’s on the ground. Dazed, disturbed and angry. Well, I don’t know what happened but when this poor old feller just started telling the truth some fancy-boy from Fuqua starts harassing him, some snot-nose feller that weren’t there and didn’t have nothing to do with it.

Sad, ain’t it? When some uppity child thinks he can harass an injured man and call him names just because little miss rich boy’s friend done something wrong and the poor old man talked about it, all the while keeping the bad driver’s identity a secret? Sad, and a reflection on how these boys was reared.

Yeah, it’s a shame alright but I guess when some poor man is literally face down in the street because of the actions of the rich and privileged that we can count on ‘em to protect their own rather than state the truth and live up to their mistakes. Sure is a shame though. Casts Fuqua in a mighty poor light, mighty poor I say.