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The tiny spark it grew and grew
became a red hot love for you
When every minute, every day
long so within garden to play
Garden divine, earthly delights
where we can rise to passion’s heights
Through tips of tongues and fingertips
can wrestle in sensuous grip

Through touch of hand and soft caress
where wordlessly can love profess
With naught but sighs, ecstatic groans
man on man erogenous zones
Not as crass sport, rather ballet,
long to embrace you endlessly
To spread our wings and lift us high,
bailar by night tween velvet thighs

With love and trust truly connect
no sporting game; passion object
Through sweetest touch as ends and means
to part curtains, enter on knees
The holy shrine, the meeting place
where six senses our souls embrace
For it is here where we two mate
beyond bodies and pestle grate

It was with spark we did begin
some call it love, some call it sin
But it is gate to holy place
where hearts combine as loving mates
I thank the stars for gift of you
know clumsy words cannot construe
the part of me that in you lays
our love shall live till dying days