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I huffed and I puffed
could not ascend stairs.
There’s naught but sixteen
but I lacked the air.
My heart was pounding
inside of my chest,
body’s turned prison;
yeah, Lord I’m a mess.

Staccato rhythm
in arrhythmic beat,
my lungs are gasping
help stave off defeat!
Every motion
of every day
takes such an effort:
Know I cause dismay.

Hear your heads shaking
as judgement you mete.
Verdict sans trial
you’ll plunge bayonet.
You’ve no sympathy
for used up old man,
no humanity,
no smile; just death’s hand.

The word in your head’s
No longer asset
you’ll dispose of me.
Use euphemism
for what you’ll “suggest.”
Say euthanasia
as lay me to rest.

Call mercy killing,
just pulling a plug.
Murder’s a bad word,
you’re doctors, not thugs.
But your suggestion
is a death sentence.
You’ve deemed worthless
so now I’m past tense.