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“That’s better,” Jodi says, entering the suite’s large living room. “Joseph had to arrange this room, right? Seems a bit opulent for your tastes.”

“Hmm. That obvious, huh?” I ask, handing her a tall glass of water and downing half of mine. “Yeah, a bit much, but with Joe’s extracurr- that is, with Joe’s entertaining it’s fortuitous that we didn’t go all Midwestern and just get a room with two queens. Not that I’m judging,” I add, tilting my head down and looking at Jodi from the side of my eyes.

“Please!” she snorts. “Of course you are, but let it go!” she admonishes with a big head shake and bigger smile. “Baby steps for my Prince Valiant. Thanks for the water,” she adds, taking a sip. “Can we see the moon from your balcony?”

“Oh. Haven’t checked yet. Shall we?” I ask, motioning to the sliding glass door at the end of the living room.

“Wow,” Jodi says of the large balcony. “I think this balcony is bigger than my spare bedroom. What a view!”

“It is,” I say, “but no moon. “Hang on and I’ll check my room.”

“Your room? What, this suite comes with your own private moon? Now we’re talking swanky.”

I give Jodi a scowl. “No. my room has a tiny balcony on the other side of the building. Maybe the moon’s visible from there.”

“Ah. Now I feel disappointed. I thought you could provide me with a private moon, John Powell.” She exhales explosively before adding, “How plebian.”

“I apologize,” I reply, bowing deeply. “Shall we check out the view?”

“Are you sure this isn’t some elaborate ruse to get me into your bedroom?”

I blush, hoping the low light does not reveal my umber. “Well, I promised you the moon. Let’s do first things first.”

The Vegas skyline isn’t quite as spectacular looking eastward from the hotel as it had been facing south but the moon is visible high in the sky. “Hey! Look,” Jodi declares, taking my hand and bending low on the tiny balcony. “There she blows! And that is one whale of a white moon. Nice delivery, JP. Five-thousand bonus points.”

“She is lovely, Queequeg but hard to see from our crow’s nest,” I respond, kissing Jodi’s hand. “Hey! Hang on and I’ll grab pillows from the bed.”

“And a blanket, oh my captain. It’s chilly out here!”

“You may call me Ishmael, my lady. ‘Right back!’ as Maxxie used to say when he was an itty-bitty.”

I zip into my room, pull all the pillows and the bedspread from my king-sized and return to our tiny aerie triumphantly. “Ta-da!” I declare, dropping my bed linen schwag on the ground. “Hey! Hang on and I’ll pull one of the cushions off a chaise from the big balcony.”

“Perfect,” Jodi responds, gifting me with one of her big smiles. “Go Pequod!”

With thin mattress, thick pillows, a bedspread and Jodi I slink to the concrete and snuggle with my blonde beauty as we gaze up at the wondrous moon shining down over Nevada’s never sleeping desert oasis.