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“Hey!” I whisper in Jodi’s ear. “You made a joke back there about the guys on the elevator, didn’t you?! That safe thing and party hat comments! You assumed they were gay!”

“Did you assume they weren’t?” she asks with a laugh, pulling me closer. “It’s getting chilly out here. We either need more blankets or I need to go inside.”

“Are you cold? I’m sorry. I should have realized. I always say if I’m comfortably cool then most everyone else will be freezing. Yeah, let’s go in,” I reply, disentangling myself and struggling to my feet.

Entering my bedroom I close the sliding door against a chill January desert night. “Bed or couch?” Jodi asks, eyebrows raised.

“Uh, bed,” I reply. “Just let me open these curtains so we can see the city.”

“Not afraid of boys with binoculars?” she asks with a grin.

“Looking at me? Whoa, that would be one mean fetish. Now you on the other hand I could understand. I’m not turning a light on so any voyeur won’t be able to see in in any case. Here,” I add throwing the bedspread on the chair and the pillows on the bed, “climb aboard.”

Jodi gives me a cat who ate the canary smile, shakes he head slightly and climbs into my king sized, positioning the pillows so she’s partially prone. I join her and we again do our best to prove the “two solids cannot occupy the same space at the same time,” adage false. “God you feel good,” I say, pulling her close, which she rewards with another sensuous kiss. “So, back to your elevator evaluation? Was that some kind of gaydar thing? That isn’t very PC, is it?”

“Oh! Really? So, it’s come to this?” she asks with a laugh. “And no. Not really. They just looked ready to rumble so unless they had women waiting in that room I’m pretty sure they were about to go at it. I’ve definitely seen the look of a lustful man many a time, sweetie and they were primed. Satisfied?”

“Sure. Just wondering. Hey, where’s Nevada on same sex marriage?” I ask.

“Uh, just became legal end of last year?”

“Iowa’s way ahead of you guys. We’ve been same sex legal since 2009. Some of the judges didn’t get reelected because of it, ass hats. That’s the voters, not the judges.”

“Well, well! Look who’s all up in my grill, Mr. progressive! Good for Iowa.”

“Eastern Iowa’s pretty progressive that way. Western Iowa’s not. Ever hear of Steve King?”

“The author? Sure. Who hasn’t?”

“No. Congressman from western Iowa. Pretty slimy. Google him when you have a minute. Makes me sick. Makes Steven King sick too! He keeps saying how great it would be if he didn’t have to explain that they’re two very different people. Same sex should be the law of the land.”

“Good for you!” Jodi says, nodding.

“Yeah. Good for everybody. Love is love, baby.”

“I’m kind of pleasantly surprised here. I mean, this doesn’t go along with my John Powell sexually conservative image.”

“Yeah! Well, John Powell knows plenty of people that have been and are denied their basic human rights because they’re gay and that’s a total no bueno.”