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     Logic dictates that a man whose last name is Kenel should be a dog lover or at the very least have a dog. Logic, as I’m fond of saying, is a tool that allows us to make grave mistakes with utmost certainty. I like dogs the way many people like children; they’re great so long as I can send them back to mom and dad when I’m done playing with them.

     While my love for and knowledge of dogs is limited, observation and common wisdom tells me that Golden Retrievers are everyone’s friend while Bulldogs tend to latch on to one human whom they love unconditionally and unreservedly. Retrievers are the, “Dedicated to none, loyal to fun,” crowd while Bulldogs are the, “Until death do us part,” breed.

     On the outside I appear to be Retriever but I am in fact Bulldog. Getting along with and caring for others is important to me but when push comes to shove I am decidedly an until death do us part dude. If we meet face to face I will enjoy getting to know you. I’ll ask you questions and listen with rapt attention to your answers. Where you from, what interests you, where you’ve been and what you’ve learned fascinate me in the moment but likely just for the moment. This can be very confusing to people that I see time and again.

     Gleefully participating in an exchange of ideas with a stranger, finding people’s stories entertaining and diverting, makes me appear to be a Retriever but as a Bulldog my memory of the exchange will quickly slip away. Having presented myself as a Golden Retriever my inability to immediately recognize or recall my former playmate with whom I had metaphorically romped on the grass can be quite off putting. My Bulldog brain just doesn’t function the way most people’s seem to. In order for me to recall our tete a tete when next we meet I will require cues. I won’t remember the fascinating stranger with whom I had a pleasant interchange. Facial recognition? Maybe. Name recognition? HA! No. Way. 

     So if we meet and then meet again forgive my lack of recognition. It’s definitely a case of me, not you. As much as I find frolicking with puppies a delight my Bulldog affections and recollections are reserved for my true light.


     By the way, Kenel is actually a derivation of canal which makes it a surname like Miller, Taylor, Cook, Brewer or Weaver but my ancestors were canal tenders rather than dog keepers.