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The memory of sensation our little tryst when we were young it lingers still on tip of tongue though from my life long ago sprung

With finger tips we did explore corporeal came to know well but deep inside was only lust our wrestling and rhythmic thrusts could not sever the chains that bound we shared not love, no gift profound

Talk of soulmate and completion, of complement, eternal love not even once from lips did pass; deeply carnal our sweet trespass

No nourishment feast did provide, divining rod preoccupied, for though you were so beautiful just skin to skin not soul in soul

I wish you well wherefore thou art; I’ve no idea for did depart two score of years since we were teens we’ve both moved on but sometimes dream of carnal lust that we explored eager piston and sheath for sword our daily grind that for fortnight consumed us so, then gone from sight

I’ll never lose the memory entanglement and fantasy though sweetest hours was slap of skin I hope never we meet again for memories though beautiful are seen through lens of bacchanal I would not taint my memories with setting sun, chill autumn’s breeze

Know beauty lies within the soul in deep sinew, life of shared tolls, but darkest night when my tears flow from pain that’s not just physical it’s nice to have, like Kubla Khan, a pleasure dome where dreams live on.