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From depths of sorrow,
from the depths of pain
came lies most absurd
to haunt Melanie.
Though her pain was real
her lies ghostly haunts,
we must exorcise;
her true value vaunt.

These damn bloody ghosts
with their baleful tales
we can banish them,
let the truth prevail.
See the sun rising,
yes, dawn’s coming soon;
let it be your light,
let it uplift you.

There’s ghosts in the works,
they’re throwing sabots,
their goal’s destruction
of body and soul.
The ghosts have power
but we have far more;
don’t let them drown you,
swear you can reach shore.

Daughter of Adam
and offspring of Eve,
we have faith in you!
Pray your worth you see.
Phantoms around us,
those ethereal,
we can overcome,
we corporeal.

Never surrender,
continue the fight,
never go softly,
hold out for the light.
May be a flicker
but long as it’s there
we can resist ghosts
who long to ensnare.