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I’d suspected truth for near two-score years
’bout the damage done to one I hold dear.
She’s a woman strong but a woman scarred
scars not kind that show but sure kind that mar.

There are truths we know that we need to air
for choosing silence comes at cost too dear.
We all know old saw about dogs that sleep,
we can’t let them lie though truth’s cost is steep.

There’s a name for rape, and the name’s “Me too,”
One-In-Fifteen-Club who’ve stolen virtue.
Fear this club has dues many pay for life
comes from date-raping in backseats at night.

One in fifteen girls is a true disgrace
who know rape ‘fore sex, some boys got no trace
of the simplest touch of humanity
better teach them boys, this ain’t scene blurry.

There’s a slew of boys masquerade as men
some of these damn boys swear need castration.
Boys are using force to get what they want
yeah that’s called rape, son and that’s what you done.

There’s the color green and the color red
when that girl says no better use your head.
Boy, you got no right, don’t tell me ’bout “needs”
she can tell you stop, better best believe.

Got to know a girl’s got a right to, “No,”
and your use of force earns you falsetto.
Boys will hem and haw, declare wasn’t rape
but he crossed that line, she could not escape.

There’s all kinds a rape, don’t take tooth and nail,
if she ain’t said yes you belong in jail.
And while you’re in jail, yeah you might receive,
own taste of toxic masculinity.

They’re fifteen-years-old! What is wrong with you!?
Think that makes you man? Better learn the truth.
The right to say, “No!” everybody’s got
better learn that now, rape don’t make big shot.

One-In-Fifteen-Club, over six percent,
fifteen’s average age onset of torment
Seventeen years old, average girls say yes.
These criminal boys? Rapists, nothing less. 


Association Between Forced Sexual Initiation and Health Outcomes Among US Women:

AUTHORS: Laura Hawk, Steffie Woolhandler, David U. Himmelstein