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Opening her trunk, Officer Beminio asks, “Jack? My friends are heading south along the trail to find your grandmother, to find Lola?” Placing the bike inside she adds, “I’m going to drive to your parents and let them know you’re okay. My friend Charlie called them so they know you’re safe. I’ll take your bike to them while you go the hospital. Just to make sure you’re okay.”

“Tom said to go north,” Jack replied, brow knit.

“To get here, yes. But now they’ll head south to find Lola.”

“Will Lola be at the hospital?”

“I hope so. I’m going to your parents then we’ll come see you and hopefully Lola. Hey,” she adds, nodding to her right up Euclid Avenue, “hear the sirens? See the lights? I bet that’s your ambulance. You get to take a ride in it. That’ll be fun.”

“Will you come too?”

“Not in the ambulance.  I’ll go get your parents then we’ll meet you at Broadlawns, at the hospital? It’s really close and we’ll get Lola there as soon as my friends find her. Okay? Are you cold? Do you want to sit in the car?”

“Yes. Please.”

“Okay,” Justine says opening the car’s backdoor, “climb in. In a minute we’ll get you into the ambulance where it’ll be toasty warm. Have you ever been in a bed in a car before? That’s what you get to do! Sounds fun, huh?”

Jack nods, climbs in and Justine says, “Look! They’re turning in here. I was right, this is the ambulance for you. We’ll get you set then I’ll go talk to your parents.”

“When you see Tom will you please tell him thank you for me?”

“Tell Tom thanks? I thought you said Tom was up in the sky?”

“Not usually. He lives with us.”

 “Okay,” Justine replies nodding slowly. “Will do. Hey!” she adds as the ambulance pulls to  a stop, “that’s my friend Sara Elizabeth! She’ll take you to the hospital while I go see your parents. Sit tight while I go talk to her,” she adds, winking and shutting the door.

Sara Elizabeth steps down from the ambulance’s driver’s seat as Justin approaches. “I hear you got a kid with you. Exposure?” she asks nodding at the cruiser.

“I don’t think so. Physically I think he’s good. His parents reported him and the grandmother missing after they headed out for a bike ride and didn’t come back. I’ll let you do your job but I think physically he’s fine. Your cohorts are looking for Grandma south on the trail. Sounds like she crashed and is unconscious. Kid’s name’s Jack. Let me introduce you then I’ll go see the parents. At least I got some good news.”

“We’ll find her. She’ll be good,” Sara Elizabeth answers, walking to the back of the ambulance and helping to unload the gurney. “Adam, Justine. Justine, Adam,” she says by way of introduction.

Adam and Justine nod as the gurney is rolled to the cruiser. Opening the door Justine says, “Jack? These are my friends Sara Elizabeth and Adam. They’re going to take you to the hospital and I’ll meet you there with your parents, okay?”