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I broke me, now fix me, it’s all up to you
I need to be better but I will not do
The myriad items involved with selfcare
I’d much rather lament how you don’t repair.
You warned me, “Be careful,” list of does and don’ts
Like not over eating, I promised, “I won’t.”
Seems pushing from table is more exercise
than I am now able; I’m super-plus sized.

I’ll call you a sizeist if you call me out,
Declare you despises we of larger font.
It’s somebody else who makes me overeat;
It’s really not fair they sell such tasty treats.
I look in a mirror and hate what I see
But rather than change me blame patriarchy
My adipose tissue way more than skin deep
It’s killing me slowly, I just sit and weep.

Swiftly tumbling cycle has me down the drain
I self medicated to numb all my pain.
But rehab’s for losers just give me a pill
To make me all better and then send the bill
To rich folk who’re swimming in lake of money,
I need you to fix me at no cost to me.
A buy in, or let’s say, some skin in the game?
A concept so ancient it’s now viewed insane.

How great are the stakes in this game we call life?
We squander what’s given, scream, “Health cares a Right!”
But scales must balance, Accounting Equation,
For every Right given there is a lesson.
There’s nobody out there who’ll do it for us
All must strive forward lest become detritus,
Each must share the burden of making self whole
Cannot climb from anguish if won’t work toward goal.