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WordPress reminded me that January 2, 2020 marks six years since I began blogging. Since 01/02/2014 I have “Published”  2,786 posts, I have nine queued to be posted over the next week or so and another 254 drafts, some of which absolutely WILL be finished and published before the year is out.

In 2016 I had 4,790 views followed respectively by  4,163, 3,612, 5,182, 4,681, 5,255 and FIVE for 2020.

I thank all of you who take time to read what I write. Writing is a necessary part of my self-care and it forces me to think about rather than merely feel or assume.

Sorry that I don’t reciprocate much with my blog followers but I do love hearing from you.

Happy writing, happy reading and happy living!