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Magic is as magic does
black and white to full spectrum.
vibrations from deep within
some we vaunt swear other’s sin.

Sanctified or heresy
it’s all one and same to me
it’s not words but rather deeds
that cause me to label creed.

I’ve a grimoire that sizzles
cookbook written as riddle.
Pay attention, get it right,
lest summon creatures of night.

Talisman of ancient bone
from canonized martyrs Rome,
rabbit’s foot or Druid’s ring
all are made for channeling.

Ouija Boards or casting bones,
tea leaves in the dregs have shown
what is deep in caster’s soul,
cathedral, coven or shul.

We’ve all demons deep inside
from evil can’t hope to hide
for the base is in our minds:
Conjuring’s our own spellbind.