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Election Season in the USA officially kicks off Monday, February third with the Iowa Caucus and then transitions into the more common and routine primary voting season on Tuesday, February eleventh with New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary. Forty-three US States have primaries while

leven Democrat contenders will vie for their party’s nomination with Sanders, Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, Bloomberg and Klobuchar polling in the top half of the field. Concerns for many Democrat voters are Constitutionality, progressive and equitable economic reform, leveling the playing field to facilitate  disadvantaged citizens having greater accessibility to the American Dream, Health Care, inclusiveness of minorities, electability, civility and “other,” many of which directly overlap.

Economic reform, distribution of wealth, taxation and programs designed to raise the populace’s economic status through tax-payer funded “Free” government initiatives is a theme Rome introduced with its Bread and Circuses policies back when we transitioned from BCE to CE and the policy of “Give Aways” remains a crucial difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties as well as between members within both. Some Democrat candidates are calling for a virtual overhaul of Government’s direct role in the lives of US Citizens while others wish to tweak rather than replace status quo. It is economic policy including taxation and redistribution of wealth on which I will focus.


I would like to “redistribute wealth” via a Universal Basic Income (UBI) where all legal residents who have reached the age of majority receive a substantial monthly payment.

I would like to see a far more simplified tax code with small jumps between sixty-plus tax brackets accompanied by a near elimination of tax deductions.

(Yes, the reconfigured tax brackets would in essence tax away the UBI benefit for higher income Americans.)

I would like to see everyone whose earnings are above the Federal Poverty Level pay income tax. The rate of taxation would start at 1% (That’s ONE PERCENT) of Gross Income.

I would like to see a low sales tax. Sales tax is regressive because those who make less money have to spend more of their income on daily needs as compared to those who make more money.

I would like to utilize “Sin Tax” more frequently on products that clearly damage us.

I would like to see low corporate taxes with a near elimination of tax deductions. Every corporation would pay taxes including churches.

I would like to see monumental reforms in Health Care. Not just Health Care costs and coverage but how Health Care is perceived. We all need to work proactively in self-care and any Health Care reform that does not recognize and promote this will simply overburden a highly flawed system while shifting rather than reducing costs.


I would not like to see “Free College.” Supply and demand is real as is having, “Skin in the game.”

I have a core belief that children should be given gifts while adults should be given opportunities. I think charities that provide clients items at no cost rather than offering items and services on a sliding fee scale are unintentionally diminishing the self-esteem, value and integrity of clients.

People tend to value items for which they work and pay and take for granted things that are provided for “free”: This is human nature and if we want students to excel they need to pay a wealth based proportion of their schooling. I would also love to see grades used as a component in government funded college Give Aways, the higher your GPA the less you pay. A blanket “Free College” is not an answer to the burden of college costs.

Policies that ignore reality do not address issues, they simply represent fantasy fulfillment. The term, “TANSTAFL: There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch,” cannot be ignored. Someone pays for every service, every road, every program and as a country we all need to contribute in order to achieve continued success.

“Free” should never be applied to any taxpayer funded governmental Give Away. Taxpayer funded initiatives are not free. They take resources  from one segment of taxpayers and give to another and it is our duty to ensure that these actions are beneficial to the health and well being of the USA and her citizens.

VOTE 2020!