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If Beau Biden had been healthy leading up to the United States’ 2016 election Joe Biden would have sought the Democrat nomination for President. Furthermore, Joe Biden would have achieved his goal and become the Democrat’s nominee. I am certain Joe Biden would have fared better running against Republican Donald Trump than did Hillary Clinton. I believe Joe Biden would have won in 2016, an outcome that would have greatly altered my world.

I joined the Republican Party in 1979 and remained a RINO for nearly four decades. August 2015 I watched the first Republican Primary debate of the 2016 election and shook my head at Trump. I was confident he would be out of the running long before Iowa’s February 2016 caucus. I rooted for John Kasich. He was out before my State primary. I voted for Marco Rubio. He was out soon after. My world shook. Trump or Clinton? Ye Gods.

An adamant, “Never Hillary,” I hopped on her bandwagon and pleaded with people to vote Clinton. Many did. She lost. Donald Trump became President. I was saddened.

Sadness morphed to repulsion as Donald Trump received adamant, unwavering, sycophantic support from Republicans. My revulsion over Republican’s embrace of a hate filled and hateful scammer convinced me to quit the Republican Party. (The Republican Party quit me.)

I have no party affiliation. Through 2016 I had never voted straight party ticket. I voted Pure Blue in 2018. I will do so again in 2020.

This year I voted early in my primary. I waited until the very end to ensure that Pete Buttigieg, my preferred 2020 Democrat Party contender, was still in the race. He was. He dropped out the next day. Though I prefer Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders neither are my candidate of choice. Just like 2016 my candidate dropped out of the race.

I’ll be voting for the Democrat Party Presidential candidate. Under Donald Trump’s Presidency I have come to see the values that the Republican Party embraces and I am sickened by what I see. The Republican Party disgusts me and I want Trump out of office.

If only Beau had lived I could still be an ostrich, I could still have my head up my bu… er, in the sand, butt Beau died, Joe didn’t win, and I need a nation of which, if I can’t be proud, then at least one whose leaders do not disgust and enrage me.

Beau, sorry for your death. You sure caused a lot of ripples.