Keith A. Kenel is an aging cyclist, amateur actor, failing triathlete, prolific poet, terrible singer and ponderer of ideas large and small.

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I am a spinner of tales. From the moment I awaken till the time my exhausted, compulsive head hits my pillow and I collapse into comatose oblivion my mind is taking data points and rearranging them. I like to do it, it is fun for me.

I come from a time when vocabulary was revered. Ennui, lugubrious, maw, unctuous, ethereal, these are all word I use in spoken form so of course I use them when writing.

If you are you a fan of my poems and would like to hear me bring them to life in song please visit my YouTube  Channel:

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My life is busy. My wife and I lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for over seventeen years but In May 2015 she started a new job in Florida while I stayed behind and prepared our house for sale. I finally joined her in Tampa the end of August. A dedicated cyclist, I have ridden for transportation since June, 1980 but Florida’s aggressive drivers curtailed my enthusiasm for riding on the open road. Happily, still another move to Raleigh, North Carolina in the fall of 2017 brought bike commuting back into my life.

Parents of two boys, our 28 year-old son lives in Iowa with his wife and our grandson while our 25 year-old tends to wander in and out of our home. He learned to sail by piloting a rickety sailboat from Duluth, Minnesota to New Orleans, Louisiana. He currently resides in Florida.

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In addition to writing and working I do things. I enjoy acting in community theatre productions, a passion I am again pursuing in North Carolina after a three-year hiatus. I  began acting in 2010 and I expect to keep at it for decades to come. I love theatre and theatre people. Other than in writing where else can a man act out his wildest fantasies in front of hundreds and be applauded for his work?

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I am the most fortunate of men. I have a wife whom I adore as well as children and a grandson that I respect and love. We are a team and though my wife and I are empty-nesters our boys, daughter-in-law and grandson remain forever in our hearts.

My wife and I love adventure, travel, competition. We compete in triathlons, running races and obstacle courses. Sometimes we fly through the air on trapeze. We don’t like to sit still very much.

We both come from large families. Our siblings, parents, friends, coworkers and people I have met through the years appear as thinly disguised versions of themselves in my fictional tales. I’ll tell you a secret, Patricia has a hundred names in my stories but she is always the wise, powerful goddess in print that she is in real life.

There are demons in my mind that sometimes wander on these pages, so beware. Anagrams are deliciously fun when coming up with names for characters. How many last names can you create from Kenel?

If you have questions or comments please jot me a note, I am sure to reply when I have a moment when I’m not on the run!

5 thoughts on “Keith A. Kenel is an aging cyclist, amateur actor, failing triathlete, prolific poet, terrible singer and ponderer of ideas large and small.”

  1. Sound like the busy life…you have a really nice blog here 🙂


  2. Hi,

    I’m Tokoni i’m a student and poet. Its nice to meet you i would like to invite you to my blog, if you’re interested. Thanks!


  3. Thanks for reading my blog and the invitation! I am one of the worst WordPress citizens because I write daily but seldom find time to read the posts of others. I will check in from time to time and look forward to gaining your perspective on your life in Nigeria!

    BTW- I love your little fashion posts; they’re fun!


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