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The party of the first part
partied through the night,
two-fisted his libations
till was good and tight.
All of his inhibitions
he just drank away,
thanks to his liquid courage
dragons he could slay.

Party of the second part
on adjacent stool
was there to drown her sorrows;
would not suffer fools.
Though she was dressed in skintight
longed to drink alone,
least that’s what she told herself
as she spritzed cologne.

City-slicker’d adiosed
after they’d tumbled,
he’d been good in the saddle
but then had moved on.
Now knew that city-slicker
was big-city clown;
longed for self-affirmation
in drinks she did pound.

The party of the first part
through his drunken haze
became aware of filly;
like a beacon blazed.
Painted on dress was low cut
and she filled it right;
beatitude of Saint George,
dragon was a sight!

“Good evening,” he ventured
with tongue a bit thick,
“I ain’t seen you around here.
This ain’t your paddock?”
Party of the second part
stared at jean-clad man,
didn’t see dragon slayer,
just hick from Cheyenne.

Warmth of Absolute Zero
look that she bestowed
party of first part ventured
angels feared to go.
“You seem like a nice lady,
can we share a drink?
I’ve beer with whiskey chaser,
join me?” asked with wink.

Our bleached-blonde city bombshell’s
tip of tongue said nay,
but as the word was forming
shrugged and said, “Okay.”
He sidled bar-stool over
till their forearms touched,
she didn’t smell of horses,
her curves azimuth.

They spent the evening drinking,
at two closed the bar,
bleached-blonde said the words, “Uber?
Can’t go home by car.”
Wyoming cowboy listed
as he led the way
our bombshell heard him stutter
words ended in hey.

They walked around the corner
to a hitching post
where on side street of Cheyenne
cowboy’d left his horse.
Said, “Come on, little lady,
take you for a ride,”
in drunkenness they mounted,
horse needed no guide.

To double-wide they cantered,
from horse did dismount,
opened his door for bombshell,
“Be back in six count.
Need to take Hi-Ho Silver
to his stable bed,
be with you in a jiffy,
we’ll peel off bedspread.”

Party of the second part
awaited her stud
and though the earth was stable
round her the room spun.
Hi-Ho Silver attended
Cheyenne enters room,
bomb-shells passed out on his bed
like one in a tomb.

Many were the libations,
cowboy’s interest piqued,
seemed his rodeo partner
had fallen asleep.
The party of the first part
knew what he should do
he hoped that with the morning
show her what he knew.

The boots that he’d been wearing
dislodged from his feet
and after trip to bathroom
slipped into his sheets.
He dreamed of bareback riding,
tame bucking bronco,
he prayed she’d still be willing
when the sun it rose.

Now every time the bombshell
visits Cheyenne town
she always calls on cowboy,
knows he’s not some clown.
The party of the first part
loves his rodeo
and with his riding partner
dances do-si-do.